Our philosophy

Jose Torres is a new generation of guitars that combine expertise and tradition in perfect combination with the most modern technology. The elegance of the shapes, the detail of the finishes, the balance in the sound and the best woods, specially selected. This is the philosophy of the new Jose Torres guitars, all of which are handmade.

“Music is emotion, and a guitar should convey all of the passion of the person playing it and who makes it produce a sound. Each guitar is an extension of the soul, and it needs to be loyal to the spirit of the notes and generous in its sound. The same spirit with which the Jose Torres guitars are designed and manufactured”

Our brand

Jose Torres offers a wide range of guitars, classical and Flamenco guitars, of different qualities and prices, different sound tones and a variety of hard woods, to cover each and every one of the needs of each musician. From study guitars designed in Spain, to music school and concert guitars made completely in Spain.

All of the Jose Torres guitars are made with the precision, dedication and demands that are required by artisan production, together with the inclusion of innovative elements in their finishes, like their ergonomic section and the adjustment of the neck, which make them comfortable guitars suitable for the different levels of guitarists. More than 10 years’ experience making guitars has allowed us to know the real needs that musicians have, applying all of this knowledge to the new range of artisan Jose Torres guitars.

Quality control

Quality and reliability are the main challenges of the Jose Torres guitars. Guitars made with the utmost rigour and precision. In its final process, each one of the Jose Torres guitars goes through a complete quality control check, so that the instrument is in perfect condition when it reaches the hands of the guitarist.

The 3 years’ warranty offered for Jose Torres guitars is the best warranty that ensures that the guitars are made under the strictest quality parameters.3 años de